The only thing that is constant, is change itself. And there are changes for TaylorMade Solutions.

First off as CEO, I want to thank all my clients over the years. I am humbled by the people with whom I have had the opportunity to work with. Each situation was unique and required a tailor-made solution, or as I liked to say, a TaylorMade Solution!

I also want to thank the team that supported TaylorMade and my clients over the years. Without each of the people who worked with me, there would be no celebrations. Often times you were the silent ones behind the scenes while I was the ‘face’ of TaylorMade.

Finally, I want to thank all the partners with whom I had the opportunity to share projects and ideas with.

I have been working on making a change and that process is now complete. The torch has been passed and others will now take over the work that TaylorMade was doing to serve our customers.

Thank you!

Heather MacLean