October 15, 2018
oes this headline seem like a sales pitch that is too good to be true? You might think so, but it is not. The fact is each day organizations – small, medium, large, for profit, not-for-profit, etc. are in need for cybersecurity professionals. As October is cybersecurity awareness month, I wanted to highlight the opportunities   [more…]
February 16, 2018
hile this headline might be salacious to some, it’s reality. By 2021 there will be a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals that is estimated to reach 3.5 million. This is significant in that cybercrime is also increasing and shows no sign of slowing down. As a result, if you graduate with a degree that you can   [more…]
March 10, 2016
s a people manager, consultant and coach, I continue to be amazed by the fact that so many people fail to recognize the power of  their words. Maybe ‘amazed’ is not the right word. Disappointed might actually be the better word. Disappointed that so-called people managers and/or leaders disregard the power of the words that   [more…]
April 08, 2015
ustomer service! It can set you apart from your competitors. It really can – either in a good way…or a really, really horrible way. If you and your staff really understand and “care” about your brand, both you and your staff will deliver GREAT customers service. Unfortunately, if neither you nor your staff care, it is quite   [more…]
April 07, 2015
ave you ever wondered what makes some people more successful than others? Sure, talent and experience are a part of the equation, but there is an even more important component – reinvention. Really successful people don’t stand still. They are constantly changing and reinventing themselves. For a more in-depth look at this, I had the   [more…]
July 20, 2014
ell, we are back. I admit it. e missed a couple of weeks. Tropical Storm Arthur cause great havoc for TaylorMade Solutions, our families, friends, local clients and neighbours. Two weeks ago we were into day two of now power, and day one of no phone service. I had no power for 5.5 days and   [more…]
May 27, 2014
have been working in social media now for more than a decade and have pretty much seen it all – from really nasty trolls to people still trying to using old school tactics to misusing channels and on and on.  n reality though the #1 reason people fail at social media is basic   [more…]
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