August 01, 2018
hy Boards of Directors Are Losing Sleep Over Data Breaches   Like many news stories, we become numb to the constant barrage of data breaches and begin to think that it is both normal and acceptable. In fact, just last month it was revealed that thousands of patient records were held for ransom in Ontario   [more…]
June 20, 2018
here is no shortage of books on the market about cybersecurity. Some detail cyberattacks. Some detail the history of cybersecurity or cyber warfare. And of course, there are more and more books emerging on how to protect yourself online. his latest book review is on Have You Been Hacked Yet? By Dr. Natalia Stakhanova.  Dr. Stakhanova is   [more…]
June 12, 2018
ach day we hear about different companies that have experienced a hack or data breach. Somehow however, when we learn it is was bank that was hacked, it is quite different. Many more of us become very concerned for our privacy and more importantly, we become extremely concerned about our financial security. Rightly so. Our   [more…]
April 30, 2018
believe that information is power. know that every person that uses the internet could become a victim of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are becoming much, much better at duping us and getting us to willingly give up our credit card numbers. So, as started out with, knowledge is power and want to offer   [more…]
January 05, 2018
ell, 2018 is starting off with a significant cybersecurity and privacy hit. Intel Corporation just confirmed ednesday of this week that flaws in the Intel processor could leave computers – around the world – open to vulnerabilities. As the largest chipmaker in the world, computers – and not just PCs – are now exposed, and   [more…]
November 13, 2017
ow confident are you that your children aren't being recorded and live streamed?
August 20, 2017
or this Sunday Brief I am focusing on the top blogs I enjoyed about privacy. As this is a growing issue, all MarComm Practitioners and business owners should be placing more priority on privacy. In fact, in the industry we say that you should be baking-in privacy planning (as well as cybersecurity) from the very   [more…]
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