April 16, 2018
ave you ever followed someone on Twitter and shortly after received a direct message thanking you for following? Of course you have. The real question is however, what was the content in that message? Was it a nice personal and specific message to you? Or, was it an “auto direct message” with some obvious attempt   [more…]
April 08, 2018
ot a day goes by that I don’t see friends or family celebrating their birthday. I know it is their birthday because I see both the reminders on social media – Facebook and LinkedIn – and the countless scores of people who are sending their best wishes. In fact, I used to be one of   [more…]
March 07, 2018
here is a trend that I have noticed lately on witter. It has become a real numbers game for many. By this I mean that many will follow people only to get a return follow. Once they get that follow, they unfollow the person, or many people. Or, they unfollow every person. his to me   [more…]
February 08, 2017
had one of those moments this morning. You know that exact moment when someone says something, or you read something and your jaw just drops. You can’t believe what you are hearing or reading! Thankfully was alone when had this reaction. Not a flattering look am sure.  And, on top of   [more…]
January 26, 2017
always think that people should take a good long look at their online presence twice a year. For many people, however this is a lot of work. So, really recommend that people audit their online presence at least in the New Year. t’s the perfect time to have new perspective. And now that   [more…]
May 18, 2016
t’s official! have been on Linkedn for more than 10 years now. Over that time have worked with a lot of individuals and companies —more than can remember really —to help them with their social media and their overall marketing strategies. Unfortunately there are still some basic things that should be avoided   [more…]
April 06, 2015
hen was the last time you updated your social media profiles? Has it been awhile? It has…hasn’t it? I know, I know, it can be daunting when you haven’t touched them in awhile. But relax, we have some really easy tips to freshen up your social media profiles. And, now is a perfect time to   [more…]
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