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TaylorMade Solutions is a New Brunswick-based business and has been providing custom, or as we like to say, TaylorMade Solutions for more than 20 years. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts who have worked in the trenches and who are results-driven.


Strategy and tactics aren’t the same. A strategy determines where you want to go and the tactics are how you will get there. Let us guide you through the process.

Content Marketing

Let’s start at the beginning and develop a strategy that will help you see results, versus being reactive.

Training & Audits

Privacy, policy development media relations, HR, etc. We can develop a TaylorMade Training solution for you. Not sure how effective your offerings are? We can conduct an audit with real recommendations.


Canadian Privacy Laws have changed. Is your organization in compliance? What about the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation? We
can help.

Reach out to us to find out more about how we can help your organization.

What our clients say

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Education Development (CEED) hired Heather MacLean and TaylorMade Solutions to work with us to develop a Strategic Communications Plan. From the workshop – that resulted in mapping our primary, secondary and tertiary audiences for each line of business – to the advice and the overall strategic plan provided, it was clear that Heather’s expertise in business, entrepreneurship and education is significant. Nearly a year later and we are still benefiting from the work she did for us.

Heather, many thanks for your recent presentation at our conference. Your easy delivery style, coupled with your knowledge, experience and relevant examples means that 200+ nurses are now aware of their personal and professional responsibilities when it comes to social media. The very positive evaluations provided by the participants is an indication of the need for even more education on this topic. Thanks again!

Heather is by far one of the most phenomenal business women I know. Her knowledge and experience speaks for itself. The passion that she possesses is made clear in the work that she does. She is a great educator and is a talented public speaker. I cannot express the level at which I respect Heather for her many accomplishments and hard work. She is reliable, trustworthy, diplomatic, and extremely intelligent. The business acumen that she possesses is achieved by only few. Above all, Heather is always pleasant, full of facts, and a joy to be around.

Whenever I hear the words “Social Media” I automatically think of Heather. She is truly a master of her craft and a professional, in every sense of the word. Having spent an academic year with Heather in the MBA program at UNB, I can honestly say that she is a hard-worker, team player and we appreciated her experience and insight. Heather has been invited numerous times to be a guest lecturer and each time, the response is excellent. This year we made her a part of our orientation to ensure that MBA students start on the right foot using social media for their careers.

Dan and Heather are highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable regarding the effective use of social media. They were quickly able to understand our needs, and address our concerns about moving into territory we were unfamiliar with and hesitate to take on. They were willing to work at our pace, and their creativity, wisdom and passion for what they do made it easy for us to learn how to use social media to improve communication with our residents. I’d recommend TaylorMade Solutions to anyone looking to understand the effective use of social media! It was great working with you both. Thanks very much!

Heather-Anne MacLean has assisted our organization with social media, press releases, protocol, web site assessment helping us as we transition from a Food Bank to the first Community Food Centre in the Maritimes. We certainly appreciate professional input and guidance.

We have been working with Taylormade Solutions for the last year for our marketing at Rapid Waters Camp. Heather and Danny have pointed out ways to boost our marketing in creative ways. They have worked with us in producing a customized marketing plan and have always been available to answer our questions. The training sessions have been very helpful and effective. We are looking forward to continue working with Taylormade Solutions in the next year.

Heather was a great teacher with expert skills, an interesting power point that was well prepared with relevant content and she was very knowledgeable about the subject of electronic resources. She was able to field questions deftly, with clarity and she also explained the process with examples and provided “hands on” real time examples for better retention. She is an excellent presenter and very personable. Highly recommend her.

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