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The Sunday Brief (May 25, 2014)

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Brief.  The Sunday Brief is intended to share with you a few of my top picks from the previous week.  As I always say, sit back and relax with your favourite cup of Joe and enjoy! (If you have a fav that is not on the list, be sure to let me know).The Sunday Brief heatherannemaclean.wordpress.com

(I am a bit tardy this week…so it is really a Monday Brief, but I won’t tell if you won’t.  Too much gardening this weekend took all of my attention.)

1.  How Like-Gating Facebook Campaigns Can Hurt Your Business, by Jim Belosic

Like Jim, I think that Facebook “Likes” are overrated.  Sure, you need your minimum to get your stats when you are first starting out, but you need to look at the bigger picture.  Likes do NOT translate to converted sales or even leads for that matter.  It is an illusion that people are trying to create.

The real value comes from engagement and actual shares of content that is consumed.  Lack of consumption is also a failure.

2.  7 Crazy Good Examples of Branded Content

This is a great blog post that shows some very concrete examples of seven different types of content that brands can and should be using.  It doesn’t have to be complicated and this post demonstrates that very well.

3.  Two Reasons Why “How Can I Help You?” Is The Wrong Question To Ask, by Amber Naslund 

Amber is certainly no stranger to anyone in social media, and now I dare say, dog rescue!  The post I chose of hers, is actually not from this past week, but earlier this year. However, I came across it again early last week and it just resonated with me.  I was helping a client and something just seemed off. This helped me refocus.  A good read at any time.

If you have suggestions for next week’s The Sunday Brief, feel free to reach out to me and send me your picks!