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How Eating Haggis Makes You A Great Lover, Scholar and Business Person

You have heard Mike Myers say, “If it isn’t Scottish, it is CRAP!”  And on top of that, Arthur Herman wrote and entire book:  “How the Scots Created the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe’s Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It.”  So, what is it about this great nation that enabled us to enjoy the things that we do.  Well, it all comes down to the Haggis. Think about it.  No one else was eating it, but the Scots.  It contained all the nutrients and food value to get you through the cold and damp weather.  So, yes, I believe that Haggis can make you a great lover, scholar and business person.

Image courtesy of thefabulousreport.com

Image courtesy of thefabulousreport.com

Aye…don’t be so squeamish!  If you haven’t tried Haggis, you honestly don’t have any idea what it tastes like.  Therefore, before deciding you think it is gross, I ask you the following question:

Have you ever had:

  • calves liver?
  • headcheese?
  • sweetbreads?
  • foie gras?
  • escargot?
  • lobster?

The items on this list are sought out by many who either believe that they are the best tasting morsels anywhere and/or true delicacies.  I have tried everything on this list and I have to say that haggis tastes better than a lot of them.  Yup!  Haggis tastes BETTER!

If you have tried these foods, then get off ye high horse and acknowledge the fact that many are actually kinda more gross than what people perceive Haggis to be.

The Scots are a hearty lot that have preserved and prospered.  This means that their population has not only continued to grow in Scotland, but the Scots have invaded the world.  Even with the Highland Clearances, our lot has thrived.  Thus, they must be great lovers.

The Scots invented the modern world bringing advances to education, healthcare, transportation and much more.  These have all lead to business advancements and new inventions.  Thus, the Scots are great scholars and business people.  Don’t believe it?  Give Arthur Herman’s book a read.

So, you will excuse me now while I go make an order for some Haggis. I seem to have an hankering for a wee dram and some good ole Haggis.  Yum! And, oh yes I would be remiss if I did not wish you a wonderful Robbie Burns Day!