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Google+ Going…Going…Gone?

Late last week many Marketers were reminded that their profession is certainly not a science.  There is no one set of procedures or formula for us to follow. After all, we are dealing with human emotions and influencing behaviour.  While we know this, and with practice we become more skilled in our art over time, things still happen to that make us go “hmmm”.  With the announcement that Vic Gundotra, the father of Google+ was leaving the company, the chatter started on whether Google+ is going…going…gone?Google+..going..going..gone?

With all of the changes that Facebook has been making to its algorithm as of late, many Marketers were starting to re-evaluate how they could make better use of Google+. After all, the organic reach that for-profit organizations had enjoyed for years has been continually disappearing on Facebook.  In fact, Facebook wants us to advertise in order to reach our audience.  Even if fans, prospects or customers have “Liked” your page, there is no longer a guarantee that any of these people will actually see your special offers, updates, etc. without advertising.

So, based on all of this, Marketers were starting to look at Google+ through a whole new lens.  Depending on which study you follow or buy into, Google+ has a very respectable user base.  For example eBiz lists Google+ with having 120,000,000 unique monthly visitors.  That is nothing to scoff at. And, the numbers were actually growing.

Now, however we are left thinking and rethinking what to tell our clients and how to progress. It is uncertain whether or not Google+ will survive without Vic.  We will have to wait, watch and evaluate.  The story is not yet over.  I am sure that I will be writing about this very issue again.  Please stay tuned.

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3 Quick & Easy Tips to Freshen Your Social Media Profiles for Spring

Think Spring cleaning is just for your home?  Think again.  Our social media profiles, whether personal or for our brands can also use a freshening.  Here are 3 tips to freshen up your social media profiles:

Updating Your Social Media Profiles - Image of TaylorMade Solutions

Updating Your Social Media Profiles – Image of TaylorMade Solutions

1.  Update Your Avatars (Profile Pics)

This should be the most obvious on the list.  When was the last time that you updated your social media profiles pics?  If you still are using the “egg” for your profile pic on Twitter, it is time to crack that habit and lay the groundwork for a professional pic that enables people to recognize you.

The same goes for outdated pics across all channels.  If you are using a picture for LinkedIn from your first day on the job and that was five years ago, it’s time to update!  If people can’t recognize you by your avatar, then your impacting your personal brand.

For corporate brands, has your logo changed?  Are you using an image that is now outdated?  Shake it up and update asap!

2.  Update Your Bio

Like your photo, a lot can change over a year or a few years.  It’s time to wipe the cobwebs off of your outdated profile.  Hobbies changed?  New job?  New blog?  Remember to add the appropriate keywords for what you now do.

The same goes for corporate “About” pages, etc.  While your core business may not have changed, business terms and keywords do change.  Make sure that  you are putting your best foot forward by freshening up your corporate information and reflecting current business strategies and tactics.

3.  Create or Eliminate

Equally important for personal and corporate brands, if you are not listening and engaging with your audience in the right channels, then find out what channels you need to be a part of and carefully determine if it makes sense for you to be in that space as well. If you find that your audience (customers, prospects and competitors) are all in that space and you are not, then you are likely loosing out.

The same goes for channels that no longer work for your audience.  If you have found that you are spending  time and money in a channel that is getting zero engagement due to the fact that your audience is longer present, it’s time to re-evaluate.  If it is no longer working, exercise judgement and eliminate this time waster.  Focus on channels that net results:  leads, conversions and sales.

Looking for some additional tips for setting up your profiles in order to meet best practices?  Check out these resource for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

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