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The Sunday Brief (June 15, 2014)

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Brief.  The Sunday Brief is intended to be my medium to share with you a few of my top picks from the previous week in one short collection. I can’t believe that we are already in the middle of June.  School is ending for another year and people’s minds will begin, if they have not already, to shift to summer holidays.  But before we drift off into the lazy days of summer, here are my top three picks from the previous week:The Sunday Brief heatherannemaclean.wordpress.com

1.  Michael Hyatt’s Why People Who Sleep Longer Achieve More  (@MichaelHyatt)

Now I confess that I like sleep. I know it does wonders for me. I am certainly at my best in the morning after a great night’s sleep and enjoy getting up early.  So, any study, theory or post on getting sleep and its importance resonates with me. I know from experience that sleep does help me remember things better and be much more focused and clear.  Definitely worth a read.

2. Why Apple Doesn’t Tweet by KISSmetrics (@KISSmetrics)

I like this post as it reinforces what many of us have known for a long time.  And, more importantly it is “the” example of what every marketer dreams of. Why Tweet and have an account when all your advocates and influencers- your customers – are doing it for you.  I am a relatively new Mac convert – only three years, but as I sit here typing on my Mac and my iPhone connected to said Mac and my iPad 15 feet away from me, I realize the true value of the product and how I have counselled many on making the purchase.  It is sheer brilliance and reinforcement that good products produce really great brand ambassadors.

3.  35 Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

And, last but not least is my fav.  Not because I wrote it, but because on this Fathers’ Day, it is special to me.  Next month will mark 34 years that my mother lost her husband and my brother and I lost our father.  While sometimes it feels like yesterday and others a lifetime, the fact is that despite only having him in my life for a few short years, I learned a tremendous amount from him.  He was an amazing man, husband and father.  Happy Fathers’ Day to all the great fathers out there.  May all kids have the kind of father I had.

Well those are my three top picks for the week.  There are always so many to choose from.  Check in next week for the next three.  Have a post you want to suggest?  Feel free to connect with me @MacLeanHeather

35 Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

With Fathers’ Day only days away, I couldn’t help to think about my father.  I only got to spend 11 Fathers’ Days with him, but during that short time, I learned a lot from him. So, I thought I would deviate from my normal blog posts to share this one in memory of my father.

35 Life Lessons I learned from my father, heatherannemaclean.wordpress.com

My Father and Me when I was two.

Here are my top 35 life lessons:

  1. Life Really is too Short – don’t waste time being angry and resentful.
  2. Respect yourself – if you don’t, no one else will.
  3. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something because they have a limited vision.
  4. Treat everyone with respect – regardless of age, race, religion, colour, language, or social standing. Every human being deserves to be treated with respect.
  5. Pets are members of the family – love them, protect them and treat them well.
  6. Have values, morals and ethics.
  7. Learn how to live according to your values, morals and ethics as everywhere you turn, they will be challenged.
  8. When you see someone who needs help, stop and help them.
  9. Don’t let fear hold you back.
  10. While you can’t choose your family, they are the only family you have.  Be good to them – always.
  11. Believe in something – anything, but believe in and feel good about it.
  12. Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Sometimes things look far better than they really are.
  13. Be truthful all the time, not just when it is convenient.
  14. Think before you speak.
  15. Learn to listen.
  16. Always keep learning.
  17. Laugh often.
  18. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  19. Never go to bed angry.
  20. Respect your elders
  21. Learn to make decisions.
  22. Keep promises.
  23. Forgive, but don’t forget.
  24. Remember where you came from.
  25. Be true, faithful and loving to your spouse.
  26. Be on time.
  27. If you are going to drive fast, be a good driver and have your car in good condition – always.
  28. Protect those who can’t protect themselves.
  29. Don’t be a know it all – those people are annoying.
  30. When negotiating for anything, don’t let them know how badly you want it or how much you need it.
  31. You don’t need to step on people to succeed, but remember people will want to step on you, just beware.
  32. Be good at something, but have many skills.
  33. Learn how to say no and stay the course.
  34. Have fun.
  35. And my favourite:  just because you are a girl, never let anyone hold you back.  You can be and do whatever you want to.

To all the Fathers, past, present and future, have a wonderful Fathers’ Day!

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